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There are plenty of opportunities you can do to earn extra income easily while at home. One of the easiest ways is flipping on eBay. The basic idea behind flipping on eBay is buying and reselling items for profit. 

With the growing popularity of online businesses, making money as a flipper can give you significant gains. The best part even is that you can work at your own pace in your own home.

If you are planning to make a full-time living flipping items on eBay, then you’ve clicked on the right article. 

I put together the best tips and tricks to get you started and make the most out of your eBay flipping business.

How Much Money Can You Make Flipping on eBay?

The amount you earn really depends on your creativity and hustle.

Some flippers are earning anywhere from $750-3000 per month flipping on eBay alone!

A couple of years ago, you would have visited a pawn shop downtown if you wanted to buy and sell an item. 

You’d only have limited sources about what items to buy, and you’d be lucky enough to score a great deal. With online platforms such as eBay, flipping any item and exceeding your profit expectations is easily made possible.

We live in a time where everything has shifted from physical to virtual stores. 

Bringing the market to the online realm has made every opportunity to make money more convenient, direct, and straightforward. 

Through million-user sites such as eBay, building a flipping business from the ground-up has become a Voila—earning—made—easy process.

Through eBay, you can now flip items, sell and gain a huge profit, and realize many potential business connections. 

Starting your own eBay flipping business will give you a chance not just to easily earn money. If all goes well, you can even make a profit great enough for you to consider flipping as a full-time commitment.


It is legal to resell any item that you legitimately bought on eBay. Rules and policies would still apply to its users, but business licenses are not required. 

You mustn't list any prohibited items and do not violate any necessary trademark or copyright laws.

The most probable issue that might lead to your eBay business closure is operating without a legitimate license and legal requirements your state requires. 

That is why it is always important to check their policy updates regularly. On eBay, flipping businesses make an annual profit of $20,000 to $50,000 and beyond each year

Earning Potential 

An eBay seller named Rob Stephenson made a $4,130 profit from his flipping business in just a month. He started from selling umbrellas, door handles, volleyball poles to earning a substantial flip profit. Pretty cool, right?

Within a single month, a 5-item flip got them the four thousand dollar profit. Not that huge, but to flip a door handle bought at $8 and sold at $200? It sounds like a significant flip!

For Rob, hopping into the eBay flipping business always starts with research on the side and constantly posts items. It can start as a hobby — like what he did — little by little; it becomes more and more tremendous. 

The sales will just keep getting higher and higher, and once it does, you can finally keep it as a profitable part-time or full-time income.

How to Set Realistic Expectations That Actually Work Within A Few Months?

Starting an eBay business wouldn’t cost you a lot (other than buying the items you’ll have to sell, of course). 

During your first month of selling, your ROI might still be at a minimum, and you will have to pay $7.95 to open a starter seller account, but that is okay. 

A lot of spending and investing in the business is expected in your first few months. 

However, if any of your listed items sell, eBay will credit you a 10% charge for its ultimate selling price. 

This charge will be the final value fee which is inclusive of the handling and shipping fees already. The site also has its own subscription choices, where users have to pay according to their store types

Set Goals

If your goal is to earn twice or maybe even thrice and more out of your eBay flipping business, set up a tracker and inventory of everything to set things out. 

Ask yourself, what is your income goal with your eBay side hustle? By tracking your monthly expenses and planning to cover them up seamlessly, you can get the most out of your business.

Flipping for starters will start as a rough patch, but the reality of a full-time nine-to-five is honestly much harder. 

eBay is a platform that promotes and encourages sellers to take their businesses seriously and help them out of their nine-to-five. 

And it is undoubtedly possible to do so, but how long would it be before you decide to quit your legit full-time job?

The absolute time to consider flipping on eBay as a full-time job is when it is making enough money for your daily expenses plus an ROI beyond that (just in case). 

If it has exceeded your nine-to-five wage and is going more vital in the market, then that’s your cue. 

Buy and sell what you know, do good at it, and once you see great returns, save up, then commit to what you know will serve you better.

How to Setup Your Own eBay Store Quickly?

Considering between free and paid eBay seller membership could be tricky, especially to new sellers; however, here are some points to weigh which suits your business best.

Free eBay seller means you do not have to pay the usual monthly or annual subscription fee for the platform. 

Limited free listings would only be available for your registered country address with zero insertion fee. 

Remember, eBay also charges final valuation fees for your sold items that usually range from 2% – 9% depending on your products’ price and category. 

The cost includes your product cost, shipping, and packaging. eBay also has to settle a third-party payment to Paypal of 2.9% processing fee and $0.30 per eBay transaction.

Here’s a range of eBay subscription lists wherein you can choose what account would suit your product and listings best.

  1. Starter – $4.95 – $7.95
  2. Basic – $27.95 – $21.95
  3. Premium – $74.95 – $59.95
  4. Anchor – $349.95 – $299.95
  5. Enterprise – $2,999.95
Ebay subscriptions

Carefully pick a subscription type that goes along well with the number of listings you can sell and if it’s profitable. 

Opening Your eBay Store

Setting up your own eBay Store account only requires few steps, which you can follow :

  1. Visit here
  2. Browse and select the type of eBay store you want and choose Select and review.
  3. Choose the subscription term that works best for you (monthly or annually).
  4. Click Submit order to forego your store subscription.

TIP: Choose a unique store name that tells your potential customers what you sell. It elevates your store’s chance of being searched when customers are looking for a particular product. 

After subscribing to eBay, do the following:

  1. Personalize your store. From choosing your desired store design, name, and logo.
  2. Arrange your listings. Organize your product listings in their specific categories.
  3. View as the buyer. You can also check how your store looks to customers when visiting your store account.

What Are the Easiest Things to Flip on eBay?

Making easy flipping money on eBay solely depends on the demand of the item you are selling. 

Some things are hard to get and some easy, but you’ll have to consider which sells faster and better to make money out of it. Here are the easiest things to flip on eBay to give you an idea:


Flip books on ebay

Probably one of the easiest things anyone can flip on eBay is good books — no matter the genre. If you have old books, series or textbooks even, the market will always buy them.

Clothes and Shoes

Flip clothes and shoes on ebay

Most clothes can be bought at thrift stores or yard sales for low prices but earn a large profit. Branded and designer clothes or shoes will sell at a great price.


Flip furniture on eBay

Likewise, old and upholstered furniture can be of good value and a gainful flip. Good-priced furniture sells fast, especially the classic wooden ones.

Vintage Electronics

Flip vintage electronics on ebay

Some vintage electronics like films, cassette tapes, and players, vinyl record players are still a demand for several people. You may store these items at a low cost and sell them for a profit.

Of course, many of your eBay flipping business success will depend on how much you pay and make on an item. To have that easy and great chance of success, starting with the most effortless saleable flip, is a must.

Best Items to Flip on eBay 2021


Experienced flippers know for a fact that books, especially those packed with information, make the best flips. Flipping can be tricky, but determining which item could give you the highest ROI with very low initial expense explains why books are a significant flip.

If you are at home, hell-bent on finding that starter eBay side hustle, the best way to start is to look for things you can declutter at home. Sell them. If not, buy them at a low cost. Buying low and selling high is how most eBay businesses work.

Source profitable books and use applications like BookScouter to help determine its market price. Consistency is a vital part of being successful in eBay book flipping. 

If source excellent books, you can make a profit of $100-$1,000 per month. Hit those thrift stores creatively and make use of those outstanding books.

Remote Controls


If you’ve been walking past your remote bins for years already, now’s the time to consider doing a business out of it. Remotes are worth it. With less than $3 spent, you earn $12-$15 for each item. 

You can use a TV, Air Conditioner, sound system, or even game system remote controls for your flipping business.

With only 15 minutes of work, you get large gains for each item. Remotes can be tested easily even and listed within seconds — talk about low maintenance! 

All you need to do is point your remote at your phone and see if its infrared light turns on, and if it does, then it’s working. No more, no less.

Limited-edition Sneakers

Starting an eBay business does not mean you start from the ground up and build your brand. 

For most known and profitable eBay flippers, riding along the brand popularity of some items gives them great returns. Selling items that are branded and limited-edition even will instantly attract customers.

Making money flipping through limited-edition sneakers is also one great way to have your business realized on eBay. 

If you could pick up a $10 luxury and limited-edition sneaker from a thrift shop and sell it at $100-300, then that’ll be 10x more than the expected ROI.

While books and remotes are sold at much low-cost price, limited-editions are sold higher, but of course, the return is higher than well. 

Any eBay seller with good limited-edition sneakers could earn up to $1000 within a week if driven to search for great thrifts and use a little more money to join the shoe flipping game.

Baby and Kid Gear

Baby and kid gears are probably one of the top and consistently selling items of the eBay market. Its sales will continue to rise as more and more parents make that shift to online shopping. 

Year over year, baby and kid gear businesses increase in sales because, let’s face it — babies just keep coming and coming, and they don’t even care what they wear!

If you plan to have baby and kid gears for your next eBay flip, you can start any time of the year. 

From a massive collection of saleable items like a baby and kids' clothes to gears, toys, diapers, etc., you can indeed look forward to ROI spikes. 

If you have found in this section and grown your market into this niche, you can earn up to $1000 monthly.



Hunting flippable appliances is probably one of the cheapest but profitable items you can list on eBay. Since brand new appliances are too pricey and new models just keep coming, the demand for the used appliances market was established. 

It is a pretty reliable flipping business because you can just visit a thrift store or even a junk shop for appliances and buy them for a cheap price.

If you have spotted an excellent appliance flip, it will sell in just a minute. You can make $50 above off of a junk stove, fan, oven, doorknob, light — everything that’s decent enough and working sells! 

At least you can earn a profit of $50-$100 per day or a $1500-$3000 profit per month, which presents as a great opportunity, especially for people who want to make a full-time living out of flipping.

Piece out all the saleable ones, assess and determine what you can do to upholster the item. Ultimately, flipping appliances is a very high-profit eBay business, and it is worth the time and effort.

Power Tools

Making a profit out of power tools is undoubtedly a great bargain as well. You can find cheap sources and turn the profit for your steady income flow. 

Of course, be consistent and use ads to keep an eye out for your products.

Most people who purchase flipped tools know the value of the items they are buying, so it is also a requirement that you know a little about what you sell. 

When buying second-hand power tools, make sure that you test them first yourself. You can visit garage sales for these items or even pawn shops.

A lot of power tools hold their value pretty well, especially the heavy-duty ones. You can sell a saw and instantly earn an excellent profit out of it. Power tool flippers on eBay make at least a $1000 profit monthly depending on their sold tools. 

If you can sell pricier professional tools, you’ll probably be getting twice or thrice of that average monthly profit.

Toner Ink 

Flip toner ink on ebay

Selling toner inks on eBay or, in fact, on any online selling platform is a great business idea. It sells fast with more than the double return, crazy, right? 

If you have at least a hundred bottles of ink of what brand is currently on-demand, you’re probably off to shipping that ink by tomorrow and have your profit gained the day after.

Many eBay toner ink flippers have a set of listed items only at specific market times (e.g., when Epson toner inks are on a spike, these are what’s advertised chiefly and listed on their profiles). 

It's a marketing game, but an excellent game to play. You can purchase it at a significantly low price and sell it with a maximum profit.

When you run this kind of flipping business, your monthly profit can range from $1000-$5000, depending on the number of customers you lead. It’s a flipper gambit, but one that’s worth it.

Musical Instruments

There is indeed money in flipping an old guitar — or any musical instrument but it’s something you’ll have to be knowledgeable about. 

There’s undoubtedly a lot of money to be made of this flipping business and promising opportunity.

The best tip is to make sure that you’re not risking too much of your money only to get a minimal return. Ensure that your profit will make up for your expenses (shipping and sourcing included). 

Like anything, you need some kind of marketing knowledge about this listing, and once you get a grip of how this flipping niche works, you can earn at least $1500 monthly out of it.

Flipping for A Living

Not all items you see can give you a profitable flipping business. That is why it is essential to consider what item to list. 

When buying things to flip, it is still important to note some key factors to make your business work:

When to Know if an Item Has the Potential to Be Profitable or Not

Suppose you can score a branded item to flip (whatever that is), which holds a high value. 

After spotting its brand market value, of course, you’d have to determine whether it still serves its purpose. Check its condition and know which parts need upholstering or repair.

Rare items have higher market value than items that can be mass-produced, so that’s something to look out for. You’d also have to consider the cost of the item’s packaging and shipping. 

Lastly, when buying things to flip, it's given that you make a profit out of it to call it a business. Make sure you gain that target ROI on top of the shipping fees and other charges.

Start Small

If you are a risk-taker, you’ll surely not go for the bargain items with lower returns but the pricier ones with promising ROI’s. However, this is one of the most common and risky mistakes any flipper can make. 

The first thing you’ll have to do is to start with the items that you are familiar with, and of course, the bargain ones; it’s always a buy low and sell high-game.

Knowledge and familiarity are the critical aspects of any business. You can’t be selling power tools if you do not know about its models and brands. 

And unless you already have bis prospect buyers, you shouldn’t buy items that will cost you more than $30 at first. Flipping is all about finding the right and cheapest item and selling them for a reasonable price.

Good Places to Buy

There is a pile of places where you can buy things to flip. Some of the most accessible areas to find great deals are:

1. Discount stores

  • Flea markets. Spending time just roaming around flea markets can help you find good rare items.
  • Thrift Stores. Taking advantage of what thrift stores offer for your flipping business is also an excellent way to find good items to sell quickly.
  • Garage Sales. Getting there early to find plenty of cheap items can often get you considerable profits.

2. Online markets

  • Letgo. One of the biggest online marketplace and eBay’s competitors, Letgo, can also be an excellent place to look for your flipping business items. They offer a lot of secondhand deals.
  • OfferUp. This site provides cheap items and free items where you’ll only have to pay for the shipping cost. Talk about good bargains!
  • Facebook Marketplace. This growing marketplace is probably one the best places to watch out for buy and sell items.

3. Trash

  • Craigslist free items. If you want to score free items near you, visiting Craigslist is likely a great place to consider. The free market is always the best place to look for various worthy items for your flipping business.

How to Make Your Listing Unique and Popular

Before starting any business, it is vital to consider all the other factors to get your target sales and market. 

The same rule applies for eBay flipping businesses; they have to render some time to analyze and study eBay’s market terrain and whether your item will sell.

With product flipping, a good listing is the same as having them advertised the right way to attract customers. To make your listings unique and famous, you have to:

1. Write a good headline and product description

Write a good headline

Just like most SEO-friendly contents, writing a good product headline and description is a must if you want to gain more buyer traffic. You ensure that your headline won’t exceed the minimum word count and relevant to what you are selling. A good product description should also clearly and directly show the key features (even the flaws) of your item.

2. Keywords

Use good keywords on ebay

Another way of gaining more buyer traffic into your listing is to look for the top keywords that most of your competitors use. It is one effective way to advertise your item and sell them according to the market searches.

3. Add high-quality Images

If you want your product to stand out, posting a quality image is an instant plus. Some sellers would even go the extra mile of scheduling photo shoots to have their products stand out.

3. Be Transparent

A shady product is always a no-no, so you have to be upfront and direct with your pricing. You’ll have to show how much the buyer would have to spend on your listings (including its shipping).

4. Add Any Relevant Freebies

Having freebies is also one way to attract more customers to buy your product.

How to Improve Your Seller Rating on eBay

Seller rating tells a history to your buyers. Most buyers go for sellers with the highest rating over those with lower prices but a bad rating. 

If you want to boost your sales or at the very least improve your rating, here are some criteria and tips to start:

Item Is as described

The item has listed and posted should stay accurate to what the buyer will receive. It’s that “expectations versus reality” thing. If you don’t keep up with the buyers’ expectations (which, most of the time, the sellers have set for themselves), then you won’t see any improvement on your rating either.


Being able to commit a portion of your time to answer buyer queries is also a criterion that eBay looks out to. 

Shipping time

Of course, all buyers are eager to receive their parcels, so you must ship their orders on the earliest likely date. Avoid late shipments, as that will only lessen your seller rating.

Shipping charges

Again, be transparent. Bring all the charges in, even the shipping charges, because hidden and costly shipping charges can get you not just bad ratings and reviews but will drive your buyers as well.

How to Communicate With Buyers Effectively

Communication is the key here. If you want to encourage more buyers, be responsive as much as possible. 

Provide excellent customer service.Having a good connection with your buyers won’t just help your rating but expand your business.

Do your best to consistently communicate with them and take every moment to sell any item they might need. 

By accommodating your buyers and delivering a satisfactory service, you also encourage them to repeat their orders or even recommend them to their peers.

If you want to earn that high badge and boost your sales, make sure that you are shipping your items’ quality as described in your listing. 

If buyers forget to leave you feedback, judge them for their honest feedback as well. Entice them with good freebies and offer discounts here and there.

Why Pursuing an eBay Flipping Side Hustle Is Beneficial for You

Millions of shoppers visit eBay to buy new and even used items. Compared to Amazon, its competitor, eBay is much easier and faster than the overall end-to-end service. 

Whether you want to build a serious business, or declutter some stuff, starting an eBay side hustle is a great way to go.

If you dig through flip stores or other cheap online flip stores, your profit can be doubled or even tripled from eBay. Overall, flipping on eBay is a great idea. The market worldwide just keeps growing and growing.

Pulling at least $1000 to $5000 monthly is a great goal but planning the entire business from scratch is a better way to start on. 

You can’t just keep posting items without knowing how much you are earning (or losing, even) on this deal if you want to make a severe deal out of flipping and have it as your full-time, set up a realistic income goal before you dive in.

Once you’ve taken flipping as either a side hustle or a full-time commitment, take your business plan more seriously. Commit to your monthly budget and your timeline.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to make flipping your primary source of income. With the growing demand and competition rate on the online market, it will take some time and effort before you see some results. 

But if your business takes off, you'll reach financial freedom faster and live a happier life.

Isn't this worth a shot?


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