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Imagine being a parent and having your parental rights revoked by your ex-partner.

It isn’t easy, but you pull through after a few years.

Then your ex-partner reaches out to you, demanding financial support. This would make your blood boil too, right?

Let’s dive into the real-life story of a father who shared the pain he experienced in this very scenario on a popular online forum.

Let’s Be Friends

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The original poster (OP), who we’ll refer to as Alex, got his ex-girlfriend Amelia pregnant while they were dating.

According to Alex, Amelia only “wanted to be friends,” despite Alex being ready to be a father.

Father Loses Parental Rights

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As if things weren’t already complicated enough, things then took a turn for the worse.

Shortly after, Amelia met Olivia, and they both requested that Alex cancel his parental rights.

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Within a short time frame, Alex was not only emotionally hurt from the recent breakup but wouldn’t be able to spend time with his child.

Like any parent, Alex fought for his right to spend time with his child.

Lost Cause

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“I was torn because I wanted to be there for my child, but I also felt that if they didn’t want me around, it was best to waive my rights.”

With the numbers stacked against him, Alex caved and agreed to give up his parental rights.

13-Year Battle

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Time heals all wounds.

It wasn’t easy for Alex to move on, but after some time, life did get better. However, after thirteen years, Alex received a surprise.

Financial Responsibility Years Later

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No relationship is perfect, and Amelia’s wasn’t an exception.

Amelia and Olivia were going through a tough time in their relationship, and around this time, they decided to reach out to Alex.

They didn’t call to say “hi.” Instead, they demanded that Alex start paying child support thirteen years later.

Legal Action

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“The court had already ruled that since I waived my paternal rights, I am not legally obliged to pay child support.”

Alex wasn’t legally obligated to pay for child support after waiving his parental rights, but now his ex-girlfriend demanded that he do so.

To make matters worse, Alex’s ex-girlfriend called him a “deadbeat” and involved his family in the matter.

Revealing the Unfiltered Truth

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“They didn’t want you to be a dad, so you aren’t a dad. They’re only regretting their decision now because they need money.”

Breaking the Silence

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“To be honest I think offering to help financially [sic] would be a horrible idea. Even if the court ruled against him, I think ex- and step- coulg [sic] have an argument to get OP back on the hook if he decides to step in.”

What People Genuinely Think About Child Support

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“He’s not a deadbeat at all. He wanted to be a father, but there was no place for him in their family. Still isn’t – just for his money.”

From Loss to Liability

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Losing parental rights can feel devastating.

And when there’s money involved, things can get tricky. Unfortunately for Alex, he now has another obstacle to overcome.

What would you do in this scenario?

Source: Reddit

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