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Here’s the story of a man who tried to be a good father to his son by offering to pay for his wedding. However, things quickly go south when he discovers he won’t be the only one walking his son down the aisle.

Being a Good Father

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The original poster (OP), whom we’ll refer to as Nate, was in the army until his eldest son, Josh, was ten years old.

Maintaining a Relationship After Divorce

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After retiring from the army, Nate made every effort to be a good father to Josh despite being split up from Josh’s mother. 

A New Father in the Picture

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Due to Nate’s efforts, his relationship with Josh remained strong even after Nate’s ex-wife married Josh’s stepfather, Gabe.

Giving Proper Credit

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Although Nate didn’t get along with Gabe, he was grateful that Gabe was a good father figure to his son.

Father Offers to Pay For Son’s Big Day

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Now, Josh is about to get married. Since Gabe and his wife were strapped for money, Nate offered to pay for the wedding.

After all, Nate would do anything for Josh. 

Objecting to Stepfather’s Role in Son’s Wedding

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However, things quickly took a turn when Nate found out Josh wanted both his father and stepfather to walk him down the aisle.

Father’s Hurt Feelings

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When Nate found out, he felt hurt and claimed he was Josh’s “actual dad.” This statement caused an argument between Josh and his ex-wife, who thought he was being selfish.

A Father’s Expectations

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Nate was paying for the entire wedding and felt he was a good father. Didn’t this give him the right to solely walk Josh down the aisle?

Stepparents Aren’t a Choice

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“You were a big part of why he has two dad’s [sic] after you and his mom divorced. That certainly wasn’t his choice. He didn’t ask to have a stepdad, but you and your ex-wife’s life choices forced that on him. 

“Now you’re jealous that he has a good relationship with his stepdad too and want him all to yourself,” a commenter responds.

It’s Not Your Wedding

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“…It’s not about you. It’s about your kid. Who loves BOTH his dads who have been there the majority of his life,” another person mentions.

Be Grateful Instead

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“…You should be thankful that [your] son’s stepdad treated your child well enough during the times he wasn’t with you that he wants both of you with him on his special day,” replied a commenter.

Clashing Over Aisle Walk Decision

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It can be hard for a parent to watch someone else raise their child and earn the same level of love and respect as them. Nate seems like a father who did his best to love and care for his son.



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