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Like the old saying, you have to spend money to make money, but instead of making money, what is essential is making a purchase that makes you happy or adds value to your life. Here’s a list of items that have the potential to improve your life.

1. Vacuum Sealer

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One user mentioned combining a vacuum sealer with a chest freezer to stock up on food when it was on sale, and not worrying about “freezer burn.” If you enjoy efficiency, you’ll love being able to cook up food in advance to eat at a later date.

2. I Want To Ride My Bicycle

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When people consider how to travel about town, most go straight to buying a car or taking public transport. However, one person showed how an electric bike had made a substantial financial change in their life very straightforwardly but made a great point that you also need the proper equipment to keep from having a bike stolen.

One user advised purchasing an electric bike and two types of locks, including an NYC kryptonite lock, to keep the bike safe. In addition, he observed that every day you have the bike is another day you save money that you would have usually spent on gas and maintenance on a car.

Electric bikes are generally much safer than regular bicycles since they are powered and can reach speeds that a person pedaling cannot, thus keeping pace with motorcycles and cars.

3. Computer Love

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Nearly everyone needs a computer nowadays, but a frequent mistake made in the interest of personal economy is buying the first one you find on sale. Multiple people in the forum suggested this: Get the more expensive model, a good desktop or laptop with an SSD, and learn the value of quality.

When you take the time to research and find the suitable computer for your needs, usually the more pricey option, you will be rewarded with a computer with great speed and sound features that will last you much longer than your average budget model.

One commenter said, “I won’t return to the bargain basement again. Replace it every five years, but buy a good one!”

Even buying a second-hand model of an excellent computer has its advantages. Another commenter told the story of how they purchased a refurbished MacBook Pro and how it lasted for five years. After the MacBook finally died, they went straight to the Apple Store to purchase the new model of the MacBook, and it just made sense.

4. The Eyes Have It

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For those of us who have impaired eyesight, we must take corrective measures to function in the world. Some are still nervous about getting corrective surgery, but commenters strongly favor the surgery. Check out a sampling of those who had laser eye surgery and swore it improved their life.

“Laser eye surgery. I got it in December 2019. I returned to work in four days because I did the procedure on a Thursday. Otherwise, it would have been two days, then back. You must apply antibiotics and eye drops, but it’s not a big deal. The cost was around $4k at the time.”

The apparent advantage of the surgery is that you no longer need to invest in expensive eyeglasses every year or keep buying disposable contact lenses. Glasses can break or get lost easily, and contact lenses require constant upkeep with prescriptions, lens solutions, cases, lens cleaners, and more.

In particular, contact lens wearers must be cautious with hygiene since the lenses go directly into their eyes and could cause eye infections if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

“It took 20 minutes. Now I can play sports and swim, and I never have to deal with rain or smudges on glasses, crushed frames, ear pain, and no contact discomfort. It’s overall increased my quality of life beyond what I hoped and expected!”

5. It Is A Work Of Art

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It might not be as popular now, but going to museums is a beautiful way to relax and keep your mind active. This commenter spoke of how much a museum membership has done to improve her health and general feelings of well-being.

She noted that whenever she gets bored or restless, she can go to the museum and drink in art and culture instead of spending money on costly entertainment.

She explained that the price of a museum membership is equal to going out for entertainment three times a year, and she has visited the museum twice in the current month alone.

The museum gives her half-price tickets for her friends since she is a member, so she doesn’t have to go alone and can share the experience with her friends. In addition, it is a great way to get out of the house and exercise since museums require walking around to view the exhibits.

6. Spring For The More Expensive Shoes

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Shoes are one of the essential items in our wardrobe, but too many people skimp on paying for the best pair for their feet. Users explained why paying more at the shoe store can make you and your feet much happier.

Forum members explained how great shoes made every day better by discussing how they look forward to wearing great pairs of shoes and winter boots. That’s much different from people complaining about standing in uncomfortable or ill-fitting footwear.

A good fit is crucial in buying a wearable pair of shoes. You need a shoe built with excellent arch support to be comfortable long-term. Getting a pair fitted by a knowledgeable shoe salesperson is essential too. You can buy the best pair of shoes, but they will kill your feet if you don’t have the proper fit.

However, if you do, you can wave goodbye to foot pain and fatigue. As one user stated, “Quality shoes with good arch support. I feel better, work better, earn more, and smile often.”

7. Chefs Already Know This

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Anthony Bourdain was always strict about how imperative it is to have a good set of knives and buy good quality tools for the kitchen. It’s a wise long-term economic move and creates happiness in your life.

Two users swore by biting the bullet and getting good knives. One said, “Buy high-quality knives, and you’ll only have to pay $25 every few years to sharpen them.”

The other stated, “A good, top-of-the-line chef’s knife, a beautiful wooden cutting board, and a cast iron pan set. I love cooking from home now. My food is better than takeout. It saves me so much money. I eat well.”

8. Say No To Toilet Paper

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Learn what Europe and Asia already know, get a bidet and feel cleaner and spend less money on toilet paper. Believe these forum members. “When my wife and I bought the house in late 2018, I couldn’t justify a nearly $400 water jet. I saved maybe a grand through the pandemic alone.”

It’s something that no one ever considered before the pandemic, but being unable to buy toilet paper is a big issue. “A Toto Washlet bidet. It feels fancy and luxurious, which makes me incredibly happy. I bought it just before Covid hit, so I wasn’t affected by the toilet paper crisis of 2020.”

9. Get An Espresso Machine Stat

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Our love of coffee can frequently drain our bank balances. These wise people made the leap to buy a quality espresso machine and have never looked back. “I make myself a latte every morning and love it. My first machine was inexpensive, and the coffee tasted as cheap as the machine’s cost. I researched, and the machine I bought in 2011 was $1500.00 on sale. After owning that machine for two years. I had saved $2000.00.”

“I make a latte daily, and the company doesn’t make the machine I own anymore, but if it ever dies, I will replace it. If I had purchased my latte at a coffee shop, I would have spent $21,900.” Saving large amounts of cash can improve your life.

10. A Good Attorney

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No one likes to think they might need a lawyer and go to court, but paying for the best lawyer you can find when that happens is essential. One forum member made this excellent point.

“Whether it’s financially or peace of mind, what you pay upfront for the best attorney you can find will pay for itself in the long run. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say they lost everything, and it all could have been prevented had they hired an attorney.”

11. Sleeping On A BedJet

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Your bed is a crucial part of your life. So besides getting an excellent mattress and quality bedding, how can you make the place where you spend 33% of your day? Two of the commenters had praise for a specific item.

The BedJet is a way to keep yourself warm in the winter or cooler in the summer while you are in bed. This user stated that they bought a refurbished one and called it life-changing. The perks are lower gas and electric bills and how wonderful it feels to jump in bed and feel warm immediately.

Extolling the BedJet’s virtues, another commenter said that buying it was his wife’s idea and that he has been blown away by how well the Bed Jet works. It saves them money on new mattresses and premium linens that promise to keep you cooler. He observed that they also don’t have to run their air conditioning unit nearly as much in summer.

12. Rice Cooker

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This may surprise most people, but having a quality rice cooker is a must if you cook rice often! Whether you’re a busy parent or want a cooking hack for making good rice each time, a quality rice cooker will do the job. The best part? It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase.

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