13 Expenses Costing You Hundreds That You Need to Kick to the Curb

Even the healthiest budget can be waylaid by sneaky expenses. The following are some of the most common costs that might be draining your wallet. Consider bidding these things goodbye in the new year.

1. Dating Apps

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“Any dating apps subscription – like find out who liked you now for only a billion dollars!” quipped one user.

Anyone who’s single knows how hard it can be to find a date — but monthly fees can get steep, especially if you use multiple apps.

2. Subscribing to Elon Musk

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Another social media cynic bemoans the “people that subscribe to Elon Musk on Twitter, giving him a 100,000 monthly salary.” Wait, you can subscribe to Elon Musk on Twitter? I am sure he needs the cash more than you! 

3. That Daily Starbucks

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We couldn’t imagine passing our favorite coffee house without getting our daily fix. However, any budding barista can invest in a home coffee maker. Even some of the top-end models will pay for themselves within a year if you are a daily pumpkin spice latte addict. Yes, you don’t get the same atmosphere at home, so maybe just cutting back will do.

4. Buying Cheap Manufactured Products

Man using tools
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It is always worth paying extra for the best quality. If you buy the cheapest products, you will likely replace them with another low-cost version while spending more. However, this isn’t always a solution.

One user said, “Buy them (tools, in this case) for dirt cheap; learn which tools you need; replace (them) with quality ones.”

5. Taking up Golf

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I love playing and watching golf, though I have played with the same clubs for some time now. However, some people go big with new clubs yearly or spend thousands of dollars on green fees and golfing weekends. I must advise new golfers that while you may love the sport, remember that golf hates us all — sage advice for those willing to spend years and dollars looking for their ball in the thorns. 

6. Overspending on Clothes

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Not only is the fashion industry responsible for lots of pollution, but it also uses developing world politics to cut costs on production. There is nothing wrong with buying well-made clothes that cost a lot, but wanton waste on some products is a bad habit for saving.

One commenter believes investing in quality is acceptable: “I’ll never wear a $150 t-shirt; no quality is that expensive — it’s still a t-shirt.”

7. Becoming a Sneakerhead

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With the cost of novelty or limited edition kicks skyrocketing of late, sneaker trading is becoming a thing. However, those just in the game to look good are buying a product that will deteriorate immediately if ever used.

A sneaker expert provides clarity: “These types of products are designed for collectors,” they advise. “They are limited run and are designed to go up in price.”

8. Owning Credit Cards

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Times are hard, and hearing anecdotes of people living on credit cards is becoming too common. However, many consumers abuse plastic money, procuring luxuries instead of necessities to fill a void.

“Do I need to finance this Taco Bell lunch for the next three months? Probably not,” jokes an observer. “New tires? Yeah, maybe that.”

9. Meeting Celebrities

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A forum member mentions a friend who always complains about having no money yet attends celebrity meet-and-greet events. Their pal is not doing well financially, so they cannot see why they would fritter money away.

“For what? A picture next to a famous person?” they ask in frustration. “They neither know you nor do they care about you.”

10. Gambling

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While some out there have the Midas touch at the tables, too many novices are flushing their hard-earned futures away.

“I once ****** $100 away in about ten minutes,” a lamenting poster admits. “This was back when that was a ton of money to me. The regret and shame was so great I never did it again.”

11. NFTs

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If you lived through the early internet era, you may recall people investing in companies hoping to make a quick buck. NFTs aren’t the problem. However, you will most likely go broke if you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars hoping to grow your income overnight.

12. Donating to Streamers

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“Donating to rich Twitch streamers,” a live-gaming skeptic laments. “I’ll probably never understand why people do it.”

Some agreement comes from a kindred commenter who says, “It’s like giving a random person on the street your money, except that random person already has stacks of $100 notes.”

13. Weddings

Although weddings are beautiful for couples, they can also drain your wallet! When you mention to companies you’re shopping for a wedding, companies tend to double the cost of dresses, suits, etc. Alternatively, you can do a quick registry and paperwork and use the money you’ve saved for your honeymoon.