10 Everyday Things That Are Dangerous to Forget

It’s easy to forget things when you’re running around every day, but some things can be extremely hazardous if forgotten. Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind unless you want to deal with serious consequences.


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If you have allergies or know someone who does, you know how serious they can be. Keeping track of allergens and keeping medication on hand is crucial to avoid nasty consequences.

Beautiful Animals

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Most people love animals. However, only because an animal looks “cute” doesn’t mean you should assume it won’t attack you.

Master Password

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Millions of dollars are lost every year by people who forget the master password to their digital vault.

Not Taking Medicine

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Medicine varies for everyone. However, forgetting to take your medication can have fatal consequences if you take treatment that manages an illness.

Dirty Dryer Vents

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Not cleaning your dryer vents can ultimately be fatal. If the vents get too clogged with lint, it can start a fire in your home.

Gas Stove

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Ever cooked while multitasking on other things? If so, reconsider only cooking because you must remember to turn off your stove.

No Carbon Monoxide Detector

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When people are exposed to CO gas, the CO molecules will displace the oxygen in their bodies, leading to poisoning.

Mixing Cleaning Supplies

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Be sure to double-check which cleaning supplies you’re using, as mixing them can sometimes be fatal. This is especially true when using bleach.

Good Dental Hygiene

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It’s hard to want to brush your teeth after a long day or night. However, not properly taking care of your teeth can have fatal consequences.

Baby in the Back Seat

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If you have a baby in the back seat, be sure to keep the windows up. Accidents can happen when you least expect them to, and you always want to protect your little one.


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