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Why Email Clutter is Harming Your Productivity (And How To Stop It) - Financially Well Off
Financially Well Off

Why Email Clutter is Harming Your Productivity (And How To Stop It)

Dianna is the founder of Booher Research Institute and award winning author of 48 books. Her latest book includes "Faster, Fewer, Better Emails."

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Key Takeaways

  1. Don't check your email irrationally. Understand how to separate clutter from what's important.
  2. Know how to write great emails and proposals for your clients.

Podcast Interview Notes:

1. Are there any habits you’d recommend entrepreneurs should adopt to improve their communication skills in today’s digital world?

Learn how to write a great proposal because that’s how you win business.

Depending on your industry, a proposal may be delivered in a short email or a 2000-page plan. Understand what’s required in your industry and write amazing proposals.

2. ​How should you write concise emails that get to the point and a quick response?

The problem is to constantly clear the inbox throughout the day.

Understand what’s clutter and what’s actually important email. Get strategic with how you’d go about checking your inbox throughout the day. If you’re constantly checking your email at random times, this habit alone will take your focus away important tasks.

3. What’s the best tools or method to organize email and be more efficient with your time?

Instead of using email to multi-task different tasks, use specialized apps.

For example, some applications I’d recommend include Slack and BaseCamp.

4. What's the biggest mistake you've seen people with communication?

No working on improving their communication skills.

Most people assume that because they’ve been talking since they were young they’re skilled in this area. The truth is communication is a skill everyone has to learn. You need to plan the conversation, listen actively, and understand how to maneuver hostile conversations.

Money Round

If you had to start all over knowing what you know now—how would you start making money in the next 12 months?

I would start by building an online business that sells intellectual property.

My business has always been about intellectual property.

What advice would you give to people who are currently struggling with their finances and feeling hopeless?

I would say to never use credit on depreciating assets.

Also, understand that getting out of debt is a process. 

What does money mean to you?


Money allows me to do what I want when I want.

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