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Risks are scary, but with the right amount of calculation and faith, they can pay off big time. 

One dad took a risk and gave up his career to make board games with his wife, which made them millionaires. The original poster (OP) allowed people to ask him anything about this life-changing risk on a popular online forum.

He shared all the tips that made his gamble worth it.

Let’s dive in!

Why This Entrepreneur Chose Kickstarter

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A user asked, “What made you pick Kickstarter over trying to use a main boardgaming company?”

The OP responded by saying, “We are our own company.” He went on to explain that they generate profit by publishing using their name. 

Kickstarter is ideal for raising profits, marketing, and feedback, giving the OP a competitive edge. 

The Secret to Becoming a True Game Connoisseur

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“What’s your favorite game that you did not create?” one Reddit user asked. “And what game mechanics are you hoping to explore in the future?”

Another user asked, “What’s the favorite of your currently published library, and why?”

The OP stated that his favorite genre in board games is classic social deduction games.

He also shared his plan of creating a fun cooperative game that gets the player emotionally invested.

The OP further clarified that he loves all the games he and his wife have created equally, as each one is unique and offers something different.

Players Are Hooked on the Thrill of the Unknown

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“What is it that drew you towards deception game mechanics? Do you think you’ll test out other types of gameplay?” one user asked.

The OP responded by saying, “Everybody loves a good board game that gets them excited.” His inspiration for creating social deduction games is to give players a rewarding experience.

The OP also said that these games get the players on board emotionally, and they play with their personalities, making it far more exciting.

The OP also hinted at developing imaginative role-playing games. 

Revolutionizing Gaming With This Ingenious Storage Solution

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One user commented, “If nothing else I love the book box idea. Makes putting them away very easy. I assume (I hope) these games have replayability, or are they one and done?”

Storing board games is always challenging, so the OP opted for book boxes that made it easier to preserve their contents.

A great feature of these board games is that they are replayable so you can enjoy them every weekend!

Making Money in the Board Game Industry

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“What are your profits like? And can you break down the costs?” one user asked.

The OP said that an entrepreneur could make millions of dollars by creating quality board games. 

He also explained that half of the company’s revenue goes toward manufacturing, shipping, and overhead. The rest of the income goes toward living expenses. 

A Board Game With Raving Fans

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“Have you watched the playthrough No Rolls Barred did of your new game? Hugely entertaining watch. It’s like you made the game for them specifically,” one user commented.

Playthroughs are an exciting way to hook newbies. Many playthrough creators online give you a real-life playing experience at home. 

The OP admitted that he and his wife love the playthroughs that have been made of their games. 

Jaw-Dropping Sales Figures

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“What [were] the first month’s sales like? And what made the sales [take] off?”

The OP shared that they launched their sales campaigns on Kickstarter and made around $100K in one month.

The OP further stated that after the first launch, they started working on the packaging to make the games more unique.

The story of this entrepreneur couple is inspiring! 

Do you have an exciting idea just waiting to make its way into the world?

What People Think About Board Games

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“Best thing about the book theme is I know exactly which games I own that are made by your company.”


adriaticfoto // Shutterstock

“I wish more industries collectively understood this phenomenon.”

The Raw Reality

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“Awesome trailer/Ad. I don’t think it looks rough at all, but I haven’t seen the newer stuff yet. Yet.”

Do you have business ideas that keep you up at night?

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