11 Compelling Reasons Why Money Can Buy Happiness

Money isn’t everything, as they say, but its influence should never be underestimated. You may have heard that money can’t buy happiness, but we’re here to prove it can—or, at least, that it can help you achieve happiness.

1. Access to Food

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With enough money in your bank account, you never have to worry about access to food, which isn’t a form of security that all people have. Whether you’re craving fast food or a five-star meal, you can afford it.

2. Housing Options

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Like food, only some have a place to lay their head every night. With money, you can afford a home and have enough left to purchase everything inside the house, like a comfortable bed and a nice shower.

3. Access to Healthcare

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Healthcare can be pretty expensive, especially if you run into medical crises. Money can provide happiness by decreasing worry about hefty medical bills. With enough money, you can also access top-of-the-line care that others may not be able to obtain.

4. Less Stress

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“Having financial stability and the ability to meet daily expenses can alleviate stress and anxiety, contributing positively to mental and emotional well-being,” one online user said.

5. Opportunity for Personal Growth

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If you have money, you can easily pay for things you want to accomplish, leading to a more fulfilled and happy life. For example, you can attend school or pick up a hobby or sport, regardless of the price.

6. Ability to Travel

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For many, exploring the world and seeing new places and things brings a wealth of happiness. That said, having money to travel whenever — and wherever — can spark joy.

7. Ability to Give to Others

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Money doesn’t only provide happiness through selfish desires. Sometimes, it’s the act of giving. With enough money, you can share the wealth with others — whether it’s family members or people in other less fortunate areas. 

8. Buy Whatever You Want

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Let’s face it — it’s a material world, and we all want things. Whether it’s a new iPhone or a filet mignon steak, having money means you can buy precisely what you want when you want it, which can bring plenty of joy!

9. Higher Social Status

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People with money tend to hang around other people with money. Therefore, when you have money, you can access a pool of potential friends you may not otherwise have.

10. Adopt Pets

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For most people, adopting a pet is one of their best choices. Dogs are loyal, cats can be affectionate and give you unconditional love and attention. However, they aren’t cheap. That’s why making a decent income is important to purchase quality food and recurring health fees.

11. Adopt a Child

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Kids are expensive and require more commitment than most things. With ample money, you can spend more time with them, hire help, and provide a decent quality of life.

Money Contributes to Happiness

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In some situations, money can buy happiness. At the very least, it can contribute to it.


Author: Christopher Alarcon

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Christopher Alarcon is a journalist with a deep passion for personal finance. He has contributed to major online publications, including MSN, Wealth of Geeks, and Business Insider.