10 Media Cliches That Will Hurt Your Frugal Heart the Most

When it comes to handling finances, characters on TV are not the best role models. People on an online forum mentioned some of the money clichés they hate to see onscreen, and your frugal heart will cringe at the results.

1. Immediate Gratification

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One user doesn’t like the idea of wasting a ton of money on pregnancy tests:

“People buying dozens of pregnancy tests. It’s not just a waste of money; it’s been done to death. Maybe you haven’t encountered the cliche, but it’s prevalent in sitcoms and romcoms. I’m not talking about buying in bulk, but about buying and immediately taking dozens of tests because you’re so afraid you’re pregnant.”

2. Emergency Countertops

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Another commenter hates home decor shows that talk up unnecessary renovations instead of the need to save a stash for emergencies.

“TV shows about home decor and rents that convince you to gut and renovate the whole house before you move in. People have no emergency fund or college savings for their kids, but they have marble countertops.”

3. Wedded Bliss

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One contributor gets peeved about modern weddings: “Modern-day weddings where people are in debt, live paycheck to paycheck, and can’t afford a down payment on a house. But they’ll spend $30,000 on one day.”

4. Out of Touch

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Someone thinks Hollywood could use a lesson on how the other 99% live.

“I can’t stand always seeing main characters living beyond their means of what their job/industry allows. They have expensive cars, nice neighborhoods, and massive TVs, yet if you look up their profession, it barely makes 40k. Hollywood is completely detached from reality on how most people live.”

5. Inflated Much?

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Another individual hates the insinuation that simply cutting out a Starbucks a day will somehow transform a person’s finances. “I loathe the idea that we could have better lives if we ate out less, bought less starbucks, and ate less avocado toast.

6. Angry Buy

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One interested party hates the stereotype of being frugal.

“The stereotype frugal means you are a grumpy, nasty person who patches their boots with cardboard, lives on canned soup, refuses your family the basics, keeps your house very cold or very hot, and never splurges when something culturally important comes up like prom or wedding gifts or tipping a service worker.”

7. Dish Duty

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Another respondent wasn’t keen on a dishwasher company promoting filling your dishwasher only to a certain point.

“A recent dishwasher tablet commercial promoted NOT filling your dishwasher more than half and listed the benefits of using a dishwasher over hand washing. They left out that by running your dishwasher more often, you are using more tablets and electricity. By the way, I am a dishwasher fan over completely hand washing, but I like to properly stack and fill mine so that items don’t flip.”

8. Diamonds Aren’t Forever

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One participant hates the cliche surrounding diamonds and special occasions.

“Every Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, they run commercials about buying your wife a diamond from a jewelry store, as if you don’t love her enough unless you buy her a diamond. Choose not to be like everyone else! Get creative.”

9. Sentimental Greetings

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A second respondent hates the expense behind name-brand greeting cards:

“Spending $5.00 or $6.00 (or maybe even more) for greeting cards. The Dollar stores now have lots of selections to choose from (even Hallmark cards). Or, you can make them one of your own on the computer with a sentiment you wrote.”

10. Wastefulness

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A second individual loathes the wastefulness in shows, movies, and social media:

“In the media, you have people who throw their iPhone pro max at their 85-inch Sony TV. Or people who film themselves cleaning something (toilet, sink) with 87 types of cleaners, creams, powders, and foams. You only need one, and also, you just wasted $50 worth of cleaning supplies! Maddening!”

Frugal Isn’t Cheap

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The cliche that being frugal means being cheap isn’t accurate by a long shot. It’s a lifestyle of conscious choices based on need and want. Basic and extraneous needs should be met first, with mindfulness placed on only purchasing products and services that add value to the lives of those you care about.

Wants are taken care of next, focusing on gaining what is wanted as inexpensively as possible. For instance, if you want a Cadilac CTS, purchasing a certified pre-owned model made in 2003 will cost you thousands less than a 2019 model. You still get a lovely ride, and you can pay cash upfront instead of financing the larger payment and going into further debt.

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