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A third-grade boy was mistakenly spanked at school after being confused with another child. Although the school apologized, the incident traumatized him. Now, his mother is considering the next steps.

Spanking Incident Unveiled

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The original poster (OP) shared her dilemma online about the recent incident with her son. 

The school her son attends accepts verbal permission from parents to spank their children if they misbehave.

Unintended Consequences

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Coincidentally, there’s another boy in the same grade with the same name as OP’s son. 

OP never permitted the school to discipline her son with spanking, but the other boy’s parents did.

Son’s Upsetting Experience

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One day, OP’s son ran away from class and was mistakenly spanked, believing he was the other boy with the same name. 

OP’s son wet himself and was sent to class with wet clothes.

Unfamiliar Discipline

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Eventually, the OP’s son’s teacher called to inform her of the news about her son. 

When OP’s son came home, he was “really upset” as he was not used to this treatment.

Mother’s Concerns Prompt Documentation

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OP doesn’t discipline her son with spanking. 

Immediately upon her son’s arrival home, OP noticed a red mark on him from the incident at school a few hours prior. 

OP took pictures of the redness in case she needed to take legal action.

Long-Lasting Impact

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The mark eventually faded for OP’s son, but the trauma didn’t. 

OP booked a therapy session for her son to see if this would help.

Balancing Anger and Uncertainty

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After evaluation from the pediatric doctor, OP was informed that her son would be looking at years of trauma therapy. 

OP felt devastated about the situation and didn’t know how to proceed.

School’s Response

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The school apologized to OP over the phone and mentioned they’d now be using facial recognition as confirmation instead of names. 

However, one could argue that the school should revoke spanking as a form of discipline for children.

No Violence Necessary

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“Personally I don’t believe anyone should be hitting children, but I get what you mean,” one person commented. “Will definitely consult a lawyer.”

Legal Matters in Texas

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“Legal in Texas unless revoked in writing, so you likely don’t have standing for a legal case,” another user stated.

Debating Discipline

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OP didn’t want to make a scene as this would make it more challenging for her son to move on from this traumatic incident, so she was left feeling angry and unsure of what steps to take next.

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