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Manila is a destination that many want to visit. Should you take a non-stop flight or do a connecting? What about the luggage allowance to fit your beach wear for local travel? 

There are many options to consider when you fly to Manila, and below are tips for booking cheap flights.

Discover Hidden Gems by Acting Fast 

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Start using your incognito or private mode when browsing for flight prices on budget airlines in search engines like Skyscanner, Going, Momondo, and Cheapoair.

Schedule a weekday departure and compare rates on a one-way destination trip. Additionally, you can use mileage points or travel rewards on your credit card or airline rewards card.  

Here’s What to Expect When You Book Your Flight

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Expect airlines to focus on maximizing profits in high-demand locations during peak season.

You can find super deals on websites advertising airfare sales and AI engines with curated travel deals. These travel sites will offer packages on dates and trips that are helpful to your travel preferences and personal constraints.

Book Your Flight at the Right Time to Save Big

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You can avoid spending a fortune by traveling opportunistically. The trick is finding the cheapest rates from airline promotions and discounts. 

Be open-minded and flexible to travel on off-season dates to non-tourist travel destinations. You can secure your dream trip and enjoy an authentic local experience in a less-crowded setting.

Google Flights

The Explore Destinations of Google Flights is used by those who travel opportunistically.

Regular updates on cheap airfares across the US and international flights using limited-service airlines like Sea Country, Frontier, and Spirit. The wide range of travel schedules can get you a weekend trip within six months or available destination travel on specific dates. 

Airfare Deal Sites

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Internation travel can be done through customized airfare deals on chosen destinations. The members get an alert or notification on sale promotions using premium subscription services. But some sites offer free information on airfare deals that you can use to plan your next trip:

  • TravelZoo Last Minute Deals
  • Skyscanner Last Minute Deals
  • Airfare Watchdog Best Flight Deals
  • Secret Flying
  • Airfare Spot

Discover the Best Airlines for Your Budget and Comfort 

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Flying across the Pacific means longer hours on the plane. While getting the cheapest fare, you’ll want to book with the best airlines for a comfortable flight. 

  • Philippine Airlines flies non-stop from New York, LA, San Francisco, Honolulu, Vancouver, and Toronto.  
  • Cathay Pacific flies from LA, San Francisco, NYC, and Newark, with a short layover in Hong Kong.
  • Eva Air flies from LA, San Francisco, NYX, and Seattle, with a layover in Taiwan. 
  • Korean Air flies from LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Washington, NYC, and Atlanta, with a layover in Incheon.
  • Asiana flies from LA, San Francisco, and NYC with a layover in Incheon.

Essential Travel Requirements

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Preparation before flying includes following travel requirements when you fly to Manila. 

  • A valid passport that won’t expire within six months from the travel date.
  • Boarding Pass with the same name indicated in the passport.
  • Check the allowable weight and size of your hand-carry.
  • Check the baggage allowance per check-in luggage.
  • Balikbayan boxes should contain personal and household items only.

Know the Best Time to Book Your Flight

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Based on a study, July is the best time to book your flight to Manila because it has the fewest flights. Airfares, hotels, and resorts drop prices at the start of the rainy season, from June to September.

You can get a promo discount of 30% if you don’t mind the rain.   

Explore the Best Places to Eat and Shop in Manila

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Usually situated in business districts and commercial areas, hotels and stand-alone restaurants boast different specialties and are all over the metro. As for shopping, global and local brands are open in the big shopping malls in every locale. 

Manila has an exciting dining scene with the international cuisines of your choice. You will never run out of choices. 

Discover the Beauty of Manila

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You will discover the unique character of Manila not only in the culturally-rich places but also in the warmth and hospitality of the people. English is the primary instruction medium, making it easy for tourists to navigate places and feel at ease wherever they go. 

The tropical weather lets you enjoy the lush greenery and the nearby coastlines. Book your cheap tickets now and see the beauty of Manila for yourself!

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