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Morning Habits You Need To Start If You Want To Get Rich

If you’re like most people: You’re not a morning person. You work best in the evenings. And, you “think” you’re accomplishing a lot without a morning routine. But, if you want to reach financial success, you need a great morning routine packed with good habits. Ones that’ll take you one step closer towards your goals, and help you grow. Starting […]

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How To Be Happy With What You Have (13 Reliable Tactics)

You’re committed to improving your finances. So, you read dozens of books and listen to dozens of Podcasts. You make progress but you become exhausted. Or worse, you reach financial success without feeling much happier. Everyone is striving to be happy. Whether it’s a better job, more money–happiness is the goal.“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” –Dalai […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Financial Goals That’ll Inspire You Into Action

Creating goals is hard. Add on top of this the stress that comes with your finances and you’re now less likely to succeed. But, don’t beat yourself up. After all, you’re reading articles on how to set better goals right? So what’s the solution to bad goals? Great goals. It may sound like an obvious answer but hear […]

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How to Crush Your Limiting Beliefs to Stop Stressing About Money

It feels like you’re riding a never-ending financial roller coaster. On payday, you feel on top of the world, but by the end weekend, you’re feeling defeated. You went over your budget, your credit card balance grew, and you’re now waiting for your next paycheck. If only you were lucky to have good financial habits right? Repeat […]

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7 Money Moves You Shouldn’t Put Off While You’re Still Young

Becoming an adult is an interesting journey. Without warning, you appear as a “grown-up” to other kids. Yet, you still feel like you did back high school–at least that’s the case for me. As you transition to the work life, having kids, losing friends, and making friends–you begin to wonder if you’re adulting properly. Don’t worry, I […]

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