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A deal is a deal, but what if you have to make last-minute adjustments? 

Here’s a story of a man who tried to help his brother by selling his RAV4. However, this man quickly broke his promise when he drove it on a family trip and decided to raise the price.

Making a Deal

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The original poster (OP), who we’ll refer to as Jack, shared how he agreed to sell one of his cars to a brother in need but made a minor adjustment at the last minute.

Was he a bad negotiator or just unlucky?

New Car for New Beginnings

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Lucas, Jack’s brother, who recently had a baby with his wife, was driving an old Honda Civic. Needless to say, Lucas needed a larger car for his new family.

Naturally, Lucas shared his car-hunting goals with Jack in case he could help.

The Negotiation Begins

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Jack offered to sell his RAV4 with 100,000 miles for $15,000 to his brother in need. He used a popular car appraisal website to come up with a fair price.

Lucas agreed on the pricing and decided to buy Jack’s RAV4.

A New Problem Arises

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Things were going well.

The problem now was that Jack needed a replacement car for his RAV4.

Let’s Touch Base Instead

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Jack proposed to Lucas that they check in weekly while he searched for a replacement car.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Jack had an upcoming Disney trip. He decided to hold onto his car until the end of the trip.

The Long-Awaited Car Appraisal

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A few months passed.

At that point, Jack decided to go to the same car appraisal website he had used a few months before to re-evaluate his car.

Here’s where things took a turn.

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Jack noticed that the appraisal for his RAV4 was $2000 higher than the initial appraisal.

Jack immediately texted Lucas that he was ready to sell but that Lucas would have to pay $2000 more to accommodate the updated appraisal.

Months of Waiting

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“He responded saying that they’re not haggling and they’ve been putting off buying a car for months because they thought we had an agreement and were just waiting on us.”

Lucas didn’t respond well after hearing he’d have to pay more. After all, they’d agreed on a price, and it wasn’t Lucas who had asked for a three-month extension.

The Price of Discontent

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Lucas refused to pay the higher price, so Jack was left with mixed feelings about a sale that never happened.

“I’m just trying to do what is right by my two kids and one on the way.”

Revealing the Unfiltered Truth

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“If you had checked today and it was LESS than when you had made the agreement, you wouldn’t have said s***.”

The Raw Reality

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“You offered a specific price and they agreed and were waiting on you. That’s a terrible thing to do to your family. You just did a trip to Disney so it’s not like that extra $2000 was going to be the difference between your family being homeless or starving to death, so get that “trying to do right by my two kids” garbage outta here.

“If the roles had been reversed and the car lost value, would you want them to do the same?”

The Untold Perspective

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“YTA for trying to screw over your brother and then acting all innocent. You’ve added miles onto the car for the past 3 months and are now trying to ask for more money as well. Come on.”

Examining the Potential Resolution in the Brother’s Dilemma // Shutterstock

Sometimes, we try to do what’s right, only to end up doing the complete opposite.

Jack tried to help his brother, but it backfired in the end. People’s opinions online make it clear that Jack shouldn’t have backed out of his original offer.

Is Jack a bad negotiator or a bad brother?

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