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There isn’t a secret book that’ll help you reach financial success.

Reading some of the best books on financial freedom and taking action will increase your odds of reaching your financial goals.

Every successful person you know today has walked through the long journey to financial freedom and learned through it. There aren’t any shortcuts. There aren’t easy paths.

But, there is a lot of learning and hard work. 

The books on financial freedom mentioned in this list will give you a good start to building better habits and a positive attitude to be on the path to building wealth and a happier financial future.


Let’s jump right in!

Books for Health

Without good physical and emotional health, achieving financial freedom isn’t possible. 

The books mentioned under this category will help you acquire better emotional and physical health:

Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety by Drew Ramsey

Eat to beat depression and anxiety is a ground-breaking book by Drew Ramsey emphasizing the importance of healthy nutrition on your psychological and physical well-being. 

This book highlights how you can heal anxiety, and depression and optimize your brain, all with the food you take. He introduces a six-week plan to help you apply a healthy diet and proceed toward well-being.

If you carefully follow the criteria and understand the concept, you will see how eating healthy food improves your brain cell growth and health.

It also reduces inflammation and cultivates a healthy microbe for your well-being.

How to Sleep by Rafael Pelayo

Good and sound sleep is also very important for your health.

As indicated by the title itself, Rafael Pelayo emphasizes the importance of sleep and guides you about the ways you can improve your sleep patterns.  

He says; to put the screens away, try to make a personal and comfortable sleep environment for you, and relax your mind to get a good night’s sleep.

Once you get 6-8 hours of sleep, your brain is more active to engage in cognitive tasks to lead you towards financial freedom.

Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny by Sadhguru

In this masterpiece, Sadhguru gives you a positive insight into the concept of karma

Usually, karma is used negatively as to what deeds you perform will come back in your lives, eventually. It states that one gets what one deserves. 

Sadhguru explains a positive insight into karma and explains how one can use it to better their life. He also tells you about the Sutras, a step-by-step guide to navigating your way in this challenging world.

Best Books for Goal Settings

Here are some books that will help you set positive and meaningful goals in your life.

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Distraction is one of the deadliest hurdles one might face in the road to success, and Deep Work by Cal Newport guides you on how to overcome it. 

Deep work speaks about the ability to focus without distraction on cognitively demanding tasks. It allows you to master complicated information and produce productive results in less time.

This book will help you stick to your path and fight the distraction by persistence and the superpower you behold, known as Deep Work on your journey to financial freedom.

Willpower Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy

Many of you rely on willpower to make things work, but think again, is it all you need? 

In this book, Benjamin Hardy explains how willpower is a dangerous fad and will only lead to failure until you alter your surroundings to match your goals. 

It emphasizes how your surroundings and environment have a greater impact on your success than you give it credit for.

If you understand the concept behind this book, you can create a positive and progressive environment for yourself that will lead you to success.

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

Indistractable is a powerful book that highlights the psychology of distraction.

Nir Eyal, in this book, so seamlessly explains the key to getting the best out of the technology without letting it get the most out of you.

With the help of a four-step, research-backed model, he reveals the secret of how you can do what you say.

Understanding the psychology behind it will help you do many things in time and master the art of being indistractable to reach financial freedom faster than most.

Best Books for Psychology

Here are must-read books on psychology to help with your emotional health and psychological well-being.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

This influential book is more like a biography of Viktor’s life events in the Nazi concentration camps during World War 2. 

Viktor describes in it the psychotherapeutic methods that helped him survive through the chaos of the time. 

In it, Viktor explains the power of identifying a purpose in life to feel positive about and then imagining that outcome. 

According to him, the future is what you think today.

You can use this book to create a positive and healthy image of a successful future in your mind to lead to progress.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

As indicated by the name itself, this ground-breaking masterpiece by Dale Carnegie will improve your social life by teaching you about the ways how to win friends and influence people.

Here’s what the book highlights:

  • Six ways to make people like you
  • Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking
  • Nine ways to change people without arousing resentment

After reading this book, you will actively engage in social activities and positively influence people, which is desirable to achieve positive well-being and financial success.

Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Human brains comprise two characteristics: thinking fast, intuitive, and emotionally; the other thinks slowly, in a more deliberative and logical way.

Kahneman engages you in a conversation about how you think and guides you on how you can tap into the benefits of slow thinking. 

He reveals where you can and cannot trust your intuition.

After reading this book, you can guard your mind against mental glitches and think more carefully to make better choices in your financial and personal life.

Best Books for Making Money

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

It is the number one finance book that will change your perspective on financial freedom. 

In this book, Robert explains how to make money work for you and not work for money. 

The storyline revolves around Robert’s two fathers, his poor father, and his best friend’s rich father. It explains how both men shaped their thoughts about money and investing and what they got out of it.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley

Thomas Stanley, in this book, identifies the seven common traits that have been constantly seen in wealthy people. 

This book holds the secret of becoming wealthy and what traits one must master to become wealthy. 

It is research done to compare the behavior of those they call “UAWs” (Under Accumulators of Wealth) and those who are “PAWs” (Prodigious Accumulator of Wealth).

After reading this book, you’ll have a better understanding of why wealthy people are wealthy and what you must do to walk the same path.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason

The Richest Man in Babylon uses the collection of parables set 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon to give you some financial advice to gain financial freedom. 

Since the Babylonians were the first people to discover prosperity, he uses their secrets to guide you toward financial freedom.

If you clearly understand their secrets of creating, growing, and preserving wealth, you’ll have a better chance at acquiring financial freedom.

Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier

Financial freedom is a complete step-by-step guide to making more money in less time so that you can do all the things you love and desire. 

It provides an alternative option for earning money without spending your whole life in a 9-5 job and earning well only when retiring.

Once you read this, you will realize how you can spend your life doing what you love and earn money simultaneously.

Best Books for Saving

Often it’s not how much you make that counts, but how much you keep. Below are some of the best books to learn better saving habits.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

record-breaking book in which Ramit uncovers the four pillars of personal finance known as banking, saving, budgeting, and investing-and the wealth-building ideas of personal entrepreneurship.

Ramit explains how to save time by not wasting it on managing money and how to get things rolling for real with just $20. 

This masterpiece gives you a new perspective on how to be rich and financially free tools to achieve financial freedom faster than you ever thought.

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

This book covers the interview of fifty of the world’s greatest financial minds.

Tony takes you on a step-by-step journey on how to transform your financial life and move fast towards the financial freedom you crave.

Irrespective of your salary, age, stage of life, the career path, you will benefit from this book with the tips Tony provides. 

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

This book by Dave Ramsey teaches you how to get out of debt and start with a budget. 

It includes seven easy steps to achieve financial stability and freedom, such as:

  • Save a $1,000 beginner emergency fund
  • Get out of debt using the debt snowball
  • Building a fully-funded emergency fund
  • Invest 15% of household income for retirement
  • Save for children’s college
  • Pay off your home early
  • Build wealth and be generous

After reading this, you will plan for your future and retirement and budget properly.

Best Books for Investing

The Bogleheads Guide to Investing by Taylor Latimore, Mel Lindauer, and Michael LeBoeuf

This book is a complete guide to investing.

The authors give us sound, practical advice for financial freedom and investing, no matter your age or net worth. 

Invest like a Boglehead, and let their investment wisdom guide you down the path of long-term wealth creation and happiness. 

You’ll discover how important it is to invest right and how to prosper from your investments.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John Bogle

Investing is all about common sense, and that is exactly what this influential book by John Bogle tells us about. 

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, John gives you a pathway to invest right and benefit from investing with less effort. 

He also shows you how to incorporate proven investment strategies into your portfolio.

You’ll find better insights into investing properly and learn not to panic when markets crash.

The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner, in this book, guides you on how to invest in real estate rental properties.

He shows you how to find success and avoid getting into real estate investments that will lead to your downfall.

Here are some things you will discover:

  • Why many real estate investors fail, and how you can ensure you don’t!
  • Four unique, easy-to-follow strategies you can begin implementing today
  • Creative tips for finding incredible deals even in competitive markets

Best Books on Debt Management

The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins

JL paves a pathway for the people who think money and investing are important but would rather spend their time raising kids, etc. 

He pinpoints what is truly important in personal finance and how to acquire it and invest properly with minimal thought or action. 

This guide would help you balance your personal and financial life to succeed in both.

Money Masters the Game by Tony Robbins

This 7-Step guide to personal finance by Tony Robbins will change your life for the better. 

This book is based on extensive research and interviews of the most successful and legendary investors to give you better insight and perspective. 

With advice about taking control of your financial decisions to set up savings and investing plans, you’ll finish reading this book ready to implement new strategies.

Best Books for Budgeting

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

The author shares 19 short stories explaining how people think about money and guides you on how you can make a better sense of finances and budgeting.

If you’re someone who’s struggled with budgeting this book may be for you.

One of the author’s short stories is bound to resonate with your budgeting style.

Books on Productivity

Getting Things Done by David Allen

David shares the methods for stress-free productivity in this book

According to him, only when your minds are clear and your thoughts are organized can you achieve effective productivity and unleash your creative potential, and that’s exactly what he displays in this book.

Ditch your to-do list and try David’s method instead. You’ll learn a proven system to get more things done while feeling less stressed!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

To put it simply, Stephen introduces you to seven habits highly effective and successful people have in their lives, such as:

1. Be proactive 
2. Begin with the end in mind 
3. First things first 
4. Think win-win 
5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood 
6. Synergies
7. Sharpen the Saw; Growth

Eat That Frog! By Brian Tracy

In this book, Brian explains how you can stop procrastinating and continue doing your tasks more effectively.

The strategies covered in this book will help you organize your days and manage your time with better discipline.

Stop letting challenging tasks dictate how productive you’ll be and use them to your advantage instead!

Books for Motivation

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In this book, Napoleon draws on the stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation to illustrate his principle and provide you with better input into how these people succeeded in their life.

These stories are packed with lessons and will motivate you to reach financial freedom!

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

This masterpiece by Tim Ferris gives you different strategies on how to work less and live and generate more wealth.

Many of the tactics may not directly apply to you, but if you read with an open mind, you’ll find practical advice you can apply in your life. 

If you’re serious about building wealth this book is a must-read.

BONUS: The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

This record-breaking book explains how most of us try to find happiness and end up getting stuck in the miserable trap of depression, anxiety, and stress. 

This empowering book presents the insights and techniques of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) psychotherapy to provide mindfulness and utter satisfaction in one’s life.

If you feel happier, odds are you’ll spend less on material items.

Books Are A Great Resource to Achieve Financial Freedom

Hopefully, by now you’re convinced that building wealth is within your power.

You can read dozens of books on personal finance, yet still, carry the same financial problems if you don’t take action.

The books on financial freedom mentioned above cover not only finance. Instead, they cover a broad spectrum of skills you’ll need to build long-term wealth.

Choose one book in this list and take action on the information you learn as soon as possible. 

Who knows the next skill you need to jumpstart your business or pay off debt is in this list.


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