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Financially Well Off

The Little-Known Secret to Financial Success

Stefanie used her tough moments working as an actor to share her experience with others. Today, she’s a successful entrepreneur, author, and speaker inspiring women to take charge of their finances. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and many more publications. Subscribe to Financially Well-Off:Apple | Stitcher | Google Play Resources MentionedPersonal Capital 3 […]

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Cord Cutting: The Official Guide to Saving Hundreds Annually

Cutting the cord is easy right? You’ll save a ton of money and you can do it today. The truth is that if it was this easy everybody would’ve done it by now. There are many factors that can leave you tied to cable. For example, it may be cheaper to keep cable with the bundle you […]

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Why You Need to Avoid These 10 Budgeting Mistakes to Reach Financial Freedom

Great budgets are key to reaching financial freedom. But, I bet you’re thinking that your budget is on point–after all, you’re saving money and paying off debt. Although you’re taking care of the basics, your budget can get better. If you’re looking to reach financial independence–you need all the help you can get. Even improving one small […]

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How To Not Be Frugal and Still Be Financially Successful

David and John, better known as the Debt Free Guys, went from living fabulously broke to living fabulously.  They now share their wisdom writing in their blog and through their Queer Money Podcast. Their energy is contagious and will have you making better financial decisions. Subscribe to Financially Well-Off:Apple | Stitcher | Google Play Resources MentionedThe Richest Man in […]

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7 Money Moves You Shouldn’t Put Off While You’re Still Young

Becoming an adult is an interesting journey. Without warning, you appear as a “grown-up” to other kids. Yet, you still feel like you did back high school–at least that’s the case for me. As you transition to the work life, having kids, losing friends, and making friends–you begin to wonder if you’re adulting properly. Don’t worry, I […]

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Secure Your Financial Future with Proven Financial Strategies

PT has been blogging about his money wins since 2007. His work has been featured in major publications such as the Huffington Post, US News, and many more. He’s the proud founder of FinCon, a popular finance blogger conference and enjoys the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. Subscribe to Financially Well-Off:Apple | Stitcher | Google Play Resources […]

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10 Ways to Build an Abundance Mindset to Be Happier and Wealthier

Admit it–you believe that having a million dollars will make you happier. I know I’ve felt this way before, but maybe you don’t want a million. You only want this unknown amount that you can never seem to reach. I’m not judging you, but having this mentality can leave you feeling empty most of your life. The […]

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Crushing Debt Can Lead to Amazing Results

Robert Farrington a successful online entrepreneur. His work has been featured in major sites such as Forbes, Huffington Post, and many more. He’s dubbed as America’s Millennial money expert and is the founder of The College Investor–the go-to resource for Millennials looking to improve their finances. Subscribe to Financially Well-Off:Apple | Stitcher | Google Play Resources MentionedThe Daily Stoic by Ryan […]

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You Don’t Need More Money, You Need to Be Mindful

It’s better to live for the moment than save for the future right? I don’t blame you for thinking this way–after all, life happens. You want to save, but feel you need to earn more. But, what if you didn’t need to earn more–you just needed to change your approach. How? The solution is to spend your money […]

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Money Challenge: How To Save $500 In 30 Days

You probably believe that you’re never going to improve your finances. After all, you’re not a money expert. And if you’re like me, you’d rather spend your money on nice things before saving for the future. While it’s not bad to splurge on nice things, you do need to save more than you spend. Unless […]

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