10 Biggest Things People Regret Spending Their Money On

It’s easy to make mistakes when spending money. But when spending a large amount of money, you must be sure you’re making the right choices. Here are some examples of costly items you’re likely to regret spending money on.

1. Just Say No

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If anything can warn people about the dangers of illicit substances, the testimony of a former addict is up there with the most influential. Drugs are expensive, dangerous, and take years of your life that you won’t get back.

2. You Could Always Elope

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Weddings are mainly social events that cost a lot of money. Your family might expect you to get married in a glitzy ceremony, but is that really what you want? The next question is, who’s paying for it?

Wedding professionals know the pressure involved in a wedding and how much it affects people, and they often try to warn brides and grooms of the stress such an event can put on you as wedding photographers witnessed many people suffering from extreme anxiety during their weddings.

Having that many eyes upon you and such expectations can make the day more miserable than happy.

3. No Bad Health Habits

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The times have changed, and puffing is no longer as cool as in the past. Since former executive Jeffrey Wigand blew the whistle and told of how addictive and dangerous puffing was, people have realized that puffing doesn’t help you.

Furthermore, he spent 24 years as a puffer, and it blows his mind how much money he spent, but it makes him very happy to have been able to give the habit up.

4. Honey, I Bought A Camel

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In a more humorous vein, this person admitted the buyer’s remorse after purchasing a camel. Yes, you read that right. They bought a camel and didn’t even have a zoo.

The camel was expensive to keep and did a lot of damage to the man’s farm. It was also a “stinky creature.” Impulsively, the man bought a camel during an auction and lived to regret the decision very much.

He expressed that spending the same amount of money on anything else would have been a better decision.

5. Playing Dress Up

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Buying clothes specifically for a special event is sometimes fun, but several people who answered this question resented buying new clothes just for one night. A choice observation is that the event itself is the big star, and it seems like hardly anyone notices what we wear anyway, so what is the purpose of buying unique clothes for such events?

The cost was also an issue for users, one of whom observed that she spent quite a lot of money on a new outfit for her daughter’s recital, but her daughter is in fifth grade and probably didn’t understand that it was a sacrifice made on her mother’s part.

6. The Collector

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Each new collecting craze seems hotter than the next, but former fans had lots to say about collecting pricey pop culture collectibles.

Several expressed extreme regrets about spending hundreds of dollars on trendy fan items that they thought would always be a part of their lives, and then they suddenly lose interest when the trends change. Such collectors can get stuck with memorabilia that they don’t even like and were purchased because it was part of a set.

Completists mentioned Funko Pops and Harry Potter figures as trophies they had collected and regretted. One said that they sold their entire Funko Pop collection at breakeven, and they feel fortunate for having done so.

Another bought a Harry Potter wand for $50 at Disney World and didn’t understand why they did because they aren’t even a Harry Potter fan. Users demanded humorously to know if the wand could be used to cast spells, at least.

7. At the Bar

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Buying a drink at a bar is always more expensive, but generally, the trade-off is the atmosphere, fancy cocktails, and top-flight beer or wine. However, many forum users feel it is a considerable expense and isn’t worth it.

This frequent tippler noted that after he and his girlfriend bought drinks at dinner, it cost them $20 with tip; for the same amount of money, they could have bought an entire bottle of liquor of their choice for the same price.

An additional drinker added that they frequently regretted the hangovers that they got after spending the night at the bar and that it never gave them the feeling that it was money well spent. Usually, again with humor, they said they typically wonder, “When did we get a pet tiger?”

8. Renter’s Blues

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It is an expenditure that is hard to avoid, but rent is something that a significant amount of people resent. Think about it for a minute. You have to pay to live in what is ostensibly your home.

One way to get around that is to invest in real estate and buy your own home, but there’s always a catch. This commenter details why paying the landlord is one of their biggest dissatisfactions.

They said they couldn’t get approved for a loan to buy a house and got stuck paying rent. Meanwhile, their parents had equity and security because they could buy their homes, which was unfair.

9. Hobbies Are Supposed To Be Relaxing

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When stressed out, friends might advise you to get a relaxing hobby. Unfortunately, collecting and playing video games was more stressful than comforting for this forum member.

He explained that they estimated that they had spent $10–20,000 on their hobby of playing video games, which consisted of buying expensive games, equipment, and subscriptions, which even raised the power bill.

Looking at their gaming collection makes them angry now after losing interest. While the person does have some fond memories of their time as a gamer, they have realized that they could have spent the same amount of money on an investment in their future.

10. Electric Vehicles Are The Future

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Electric cars are trendy and could be part of the solution to global warming. Conversely, this commenter lamented the decision to buy a highly praised Tesla EV.

Regretful buyers say the car’s doors don’t line up after driving for several thousand miles. In addition, snowfall can affect how the doors open because of their design. Ice can get into the door’s inner workings and cause additional problems.

Given Tesla’s reputation and the sticker price of the Model S—over $96,000—you would think the car would be designed better, but many users are left disappointed.