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A New York Times College poll discovered President Biden is tied with Donald Trump in a hypothetical presidential election. Discover what others are saying.

Stronger Start in 2024

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The poll was conducted in July 2023, containing 30+ questions, and captured different demographic types and income, among other data points.

Democratic Acceptance

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Biden is starting 2024 stronger than a year ago with positive approval ratings. Despite many Democrats wanting someone else, they now broadly accept him.

Trump’s Favor with Republicans

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On the other hand, Donald Trump is favored by Republicans despite facing two criminal indictments.

Voters’ Preferences

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According to an NYTimes poll, approximately one-third of voters who planned to vote for Mr. Biden in the upcoming 2024 election hoped for a different Democrat.

Candidates Under Scrutiny

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Both candidates appeared to have strong support on their side but also faced criticism. Whether their age or leadership style, the public shared their thoughts.

Twitter Reactions

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For perspective, Biden is 80 years old, and Trump is 77. Ultimately, the best candidate will win.

Here’s what people on X are saying:

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“90 million votes this time.”

Getting Stuff Done

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“Democrats have decided getting stuff done is a good thing.”

Time for Retirement

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“Many of us respect and like Joe but it’s time for him to retire and enjoy his remaining years with his family…. He has served his country well.”

Improved Approval Ratings

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“Biden’s job approval will improve as consumer confidence improves. The latter has seen an improvement in the last month.”



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