12 Best Jobs for Traveling Around the World

Some available professions demand a lot of travel. Some are long-term careers, while others are temporary jobs with breaks between tasks. Regularly traveling jobs frequently permit a flexible schedule outside of traditional work hours. You can choose from various occupations in many industries, whether you want to leave office-based work or have a career that allows you to travel the world. Here are some of them.

1. Photography

Woman taking photo
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If you enjoy traveling, you’re a photographer. Sell stock images as a way to hone that skill. Most of your photos will be stunning landscapes from areas you’ve been to or pictures you took while moving about. Through social networking or photography services like Shutterstock or Getty Images, you may progressively create your portfolio to demonstrate your talent and connect with possible clients.

2. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant
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Although it might be the job with the most apparent connection to travel, it’s also one of the easiest to get. Although the work can be complicated, and the hours are usually unpredictable, this career will allow you to visit hundreds of locations worldwide. A bonus benefit? You and your family can fly for free or at a reduced rate.

3. Cruise-Ship Workers

Cruise-Ship Workers
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You get to explore the various locations your cruise ship docks at if you work on a cruise ship in any capacity. You may be too busy with work to enjoy yourself at every one of these locations, but you do get to visit a number of them very frequently.

4. Consulting

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Many business consultants may travel to brand-new or struggling companies to offer expert counsel and services. Professional consultants will identify any issues a business faces and provide a plan to address them. They remain there to fully implement their strategy before heading to the next stop.

5. Performing Artist

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Although this depends on your level of recognition, once you’ve attained the heights, it’s a smooth sail around the world.

6. English Teacher

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ESL and traditional English teaching tasks, such as instructing pupils in reading, writing, and speaking English, are performed by English teachers who work abroad. Additionally, they write progress reports and design, give, and mark tests—most contracts for English teachers who desire to work overseas last three months and two years. During their contracts, teachers often work regular school hours.

7. Event Planner

Wedding planner and banquet manager discussing tableware
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Depending on the size of the event, an event planner may handle all aspects of coordination themselves or may lend a hand with planning and execution. They might travel to bigger events in distant places to assist with planning, decorating, and cleaning up after more significant events. Some event planners can operate as independent contractors or are employed by businesses to travel frequently to various occasions and events.

8. Humanitarian Aid

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Consider working for an international aid organization if you want to travel while genuinely changing people’s lives. Working for such an organization allows you to travel to impoverished nations and assist locals in overcoming challenging circumstances like famine and natural catastrophes. You must be very interested in social work and have experience in a relevant subject, such as health, agriculture, or education.

9. Tour Guide

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Consider working with a global tour operator, either in a single well-known area or for excursions that visit multiple locations. You can carve a niche as a business owner by offering personalized trips. Your selling points could be the best-undiscovered surfing locations, a fantastic local hike, or the town’s hippest bars and eateries.

10. International Relations

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One job that allows you to experience life in a different region of the world is working for the Foreign Service or an intergovernmental organization (IGO). Only those with college degrees and fluency in foreign languages are eligible for most of these positions with international governments. You can find applications and assessments for these kinds of jobs online.

11. Yoga Instructor

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Working as a freelance yoga instructor is another profession that enables you to earn money while traveling. If you have adequate expertise, you can offer your skills as a personal trainer or teach classes in yoga or other forms of meditative exercise.

12. Roadie

Roadie tuning a guitar for the guitarist next to the stage entrance, sitting on a flight case
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One enthusiast said: “My old job was the best for traveling worldwide.” Theater plays and musical acts frequently tour, bringing busloads of roadies and stagehands along for the ride. While some stagehands may travel with each performance, theaters, and venues may also have their staff.