11 Best Investment Apps 2024: Start Investing for Free 

The landscape of investment apps has evolved dramatically, offering a spectrum of features catering to various needs and levels of expertise. There are online trading platforms for every investor, whether they’re just starting or have been seasoned by experience. 

Buying and selling stocks, trading online, and getting investment advice have never been easier.

What Are Investing Apps?

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An investment app is an application for a mobile smart device that enables users to invest their funds in various financial markets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies. Each app offers an alternative to traditional online trading, with extra features that make each trading platform more personalized and approachable, depending on your financial goals.

Here’s a rundown of the 11 best online stock market investing apps, each offering unique features to help you navigate the investing world with mobile trading.

1. Interactive Brokers: The World’s Market Gateway

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This is an award-winning platform for every investor—from beginner to advanced—on mobile, web, and desktop. No minimum account balance or maintenance fee. They offer margin rates up to 49% lower than the industry average.

  • Characteristics: Great interface, user-friendly
  • Investment Options: Stocks, options, cryptocurrencies
  • Commission: Varies

2. Fidelity: The Epitome of Investment Excellence

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Close to the top of the list is Fidelity, which offers a comprehensive range of services from stock trading to financial planning. In its app, the company combines depth, accessibility, and educational resources.

  • Characteristics: Research tools, financial planning
  • Minimum Deposit: Varies
  • Commission: Free for stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

3. Robinhood: Simplifying Trading for the Masses

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Known for its sleek interface and straightforward approach, Robinhood has been a trailblazer in commission-free trading. Beginners and casual traders still prefer it despite its evolving services and features.

  • Characteristics: User-friendly, commission-free
  • Investment Options: Stocks, options, cryptocurrencies
  • Commission: None

4. Webull: A New Wave of Trading

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Webull offers commission-free trading and a suite of analytical tools. In addition to providing resources to grow and expand trading skills and improve technical analysis, it is ideal for those who hover between beginner and expert status.

  • Characteristics: Advanced tools, commission-free
  • Investment Options: Stocks, options, cryptocurrencies
  • Commission: None

5. Fidelity (Fidelity Mobile App): Trusted for Generations

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Fidelity Investments brings its legacy of trust to the mobile world. With its app, investors can combine traditional brokerage services with modern technology to manage their portfolios. 

  • Characteristics: Extensive tools, commission-free
  • Investment Options: Stocks, ETFs
  • Commission: None

6. E*TRADE (Power E*TRADE): Empowering Active Traders

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The user-friendly design of Power E*TRADE is complemented by sophisticated trading software. Users looking for both functionality and depth of research will find it a solid choice.

  • Characteristics: Advanced trading tools, research features
  • Commission: Free for stocks and ETFs

7. TD Ameritrade (thinkorswim): For the Analytical Trader

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Post-merger with Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform remains a powerhouse for serious traders. Those who are interested in market research and strategy will find its advanced analytical tools useful.

  • Characteristics: Advanced analysis, professional tools
  • Commission: Varies

8. M1 Finance: Pie Investing for Customized Portfolios

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With M1 Finance, users can build and manage diversified portfolios using the novel “Pie” investing concept. The site is perfect for those who want a customizable experience without the hassle of constant monitoring.

  • Characteristics: Pie investing, automated
  • Commission: None

9. SoFi Invest: A Holistic Financial Toolkit

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Those seeking a broader financial ecosystem will find SoFi Invest appealing. Active traders and passive investors can benefit from its commission-free trades and robo-advisory services.

  • Characteristics: Robo-advisory, commission-free
  • Investment Options: Stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies
  • Commission: None

10. Public: Social Investing Redefined

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The Public platform combines traditional trading with a community-driven approach to investing. For investors who value insights from a community, this app is perfect.

  • Characteristics: Community-driven, commission-free
  • Investment Options: Stocks, ETFs
  • Commission: None

11. Stash: Investing Made Accessible

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Hoping to make investing less intimidating, Stash targets newcomers to the world of investing. Stocks and ETFs are available in fractional shares, which is ideal for those with modest budgets.

  • Characteristics: Fractional shares, beginner-friendly
  • Minimum Investment: Low
  • Commission: Varies

Are Investing Apps Safe?

Investing apps protect your money just like brokerage firms do. Securities Investor Protection Corporation insures your money in the event of a brokerage collapse for investments up to $500,000. 

Make Your Best Investment Choices

Investing apps come with a wide variety of features and services to help you manage your online stock trading. You can find an app that’s right for you and start online investing immediately, whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned trader. The success of your investments depends not only on the tool you use but also on how well it aligns with your investment strategy and personal finance goals. 

Happy investing!

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