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Boomers, do you remember all the “trendy” foods your parents made you eat growing up?

Well, now it’s up to you to weigh in on generational trends: what was the avocado toast before avocado toast? Many Boomers expressed their opinions on a popular online forum.

Let’s see if we have common ground.

Cocktails, Anyone?

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A user said, “Prawn cocktails. They were the absolute s*** in the 70s. If my parents hadn’t spent so much on thousand island dressing maybe they could’ve afforded a second home.”

Depending on your love of seafood, you may or may not agree with this trend.

Give Me Fondue and Give Me Bread

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Avocado toast isn’t the only food item people have obsessed over.

“Fondue was a thing of Greatest Generation moms, boomers had no say in the matter,” a user remarked.

Sun Tea

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“Sun tea. & those wicker round peacock chairs.”

If you think tea has only recently become popular, think again. Sun tea is made by placing tea bags in a glass of water in direct sunlight. Clever, right?

Granola Is “In”

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“Granola was something we ate, not necessarily because we liked it or thought it was better for you than Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, but because it was something different and hip that only cool people knew,” one user said.

Nowadays, granola is a common food most people eat. “In” or not, we love the taste.


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Another user commented, “Wine, believe it or not, at least in the US. Outside of certain ethnic groups, the wealthy, and winos, it wasn’t popular or even well-known.”

Who would’ve thought that wine wasn’t popular at one point? Nowadays, there are too many options to choose from at the grocery store.

Molded Jell-O Salad

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“Actually, I make it with raspberry jello and cream cheese, mixed in the blender. My mother’s jello was so awful but the stuff I make is pretty awesome.”

Jell-O salad may not be the healthiest dish, but it has a cool texture! And it might even be a tad healthier than most fast food places.

Hamburger Helper

Bruce McIntosh // Shutterstock

“Hamburger Helper and canned green beans.”

This may not be as fancy as avocado toast, but it depends on who you ask.

Canned Green Beans

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Green beans are probably most people’s least favorite vegetable. On the bright side, canned green beans are full of vitamins C, K, and A.


Irina Rostokina // Shutterstock

“It must have been really cheap to make (my dad was a teacher and made like $6k a year).”

Casseroles sound great, but they may not be as cheap to make as they were a few decades ago. Still, with many great recipe options, what’s not to love?

Avocado Toast

Nelli Kovalchuk // Shutterstock

“My parents were born in the 1950s.. their avo on toast was, um, avo on toast. Seriously in my country, everyone has been eating it since forever. I even grew up with an avo tree in our garden,” someone commented.

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It seems like avocado toast was a staple food decades back and will continue to be for a long time.

No matter the era, each generation will judge past generations’ choices, but we might have more in common than we think.

Boomers, do you still enjoy any of these foods?

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