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Build More Wealth Using This Free Finance Tool

Nowadays, there are dozens of finance apps you can install in your phone. So, why settle on one app to track your finances? For starters, it’s easier to manage. But, you don’t need one app to do it all because no app can. Instead, rely on one app to track your expenses, cash flow, and […]

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Dreaming Big is Key to Improving Your Finances

John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EOFire, an award-winning Podcast where he interviews today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. With over 2000 episodes and 7-figures a year in revenue, JLD has shown the world the power of Podcasting. Prepare to IGNITE! Subscribe to Financially Well-Off:Apple | Stitcher | Google Play Key TakeawaysHaving a clear purpose […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Financial Goals That’ll Inspire You Into Action

Creating goals is hard. Add on top of this the stress that comes with your finances and you’re now less likely to succeed. But, don’t beat yourself up. After all, you’re reading articles on how to set better goals right? So what’s the solution to bad goals? Great goals. It may sound like an obvious […]

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How to Crush Your Limiting Beliefs to Stop Stressing About Money

It feels like you’re riding a never-ending financial roller coaster. On payday, you feel on top of the world, but by the end weekend, you’re feeling defeated. You went over your budget, your credit card balance grew, and you’re now waiting for your next paycheck. If only you were lucky to have good financial habits […]

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How to Crush Credit Card Debt When You’re Embarrassed to Start

Are you embarrassed by your credit card debt? I was a few years ago and had $5500 to be exact. Paying this debt off was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I’d spend most of my paycheck towards debt and felt miserable. Credit card debt is common, unfortunately. No one spent […]

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The Little-Known Secret to Financial Success

Stefanie used her tough moments working as an actor to share her experience with others. Today, she’s a successful entrepreneur, author, and speaker inspiring women to take charge of their finances. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and many more publications. Subscribe to Financially Well-Off:Apple | Stitcher | Google Play Resources MentionedPersonal Capital 3 […]

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Cord Cutting: The Official Guide to Saving Hundreds Annually

Cutting the cord is easy right? You’ll save a ton of money and you can do it today. The truth is that if it was this easy everybody would’ve done it by now. There are many factors that can leave you tied to cable. For example, it may be cheaper to keep cable with the […]

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Why You Need to Avoid These 10 Budgeting Mistakes to Reach Financial Freedom

Great budgets are key to reaching financial freedom. But, I bet you’re thinking that your budget is on point–after all, you’re saving money and paying off debt. Although you’re taking care of the basics, your budget can get better. If you’re looking to reach financial independence–you need all the help you can get. Even improving […]

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How To Not Be Frugal and Still Be Financially Successful

David and John, better known as the Debt Free Guys, went from living fabulously broke to living fabulously.  They now share their wisdom writing in their blog and through their Queer Money Podcast. Their energy is contagious and will have you making better financial decisions. Subscribe to Financially Well-Off:Apple | Stitcher | Google Play Resources MentionedThe Richest Man in […]

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7 Money Moves You Shouldn’t Put Off While You’re Still Young

Becoming an adult is an interesting journey. Without warning, you appear as a “grown-up” to other kids. Yet, you still feel like you did back high school–at least that’s the case for me. As you transition to the work life, having kids, losing friends, and making friends–you begin to wonder if you’re adulting properly. Don’t […]

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