10 Affordable U.S. Wedding Destinations for Couples Who Don’t Want to Spend Their Entire Savings

So, you’re dreaming of the perfect wedding, but you don’t have a fairytale budget. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 US wedding destinations where you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg—and you won’t even turn into a pumpkin afterward!

1. New Mexico ($15,000)

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Nicknamed the “Land of Enchantment,” it’s easy to see why so many brides and grooms flock to New Mexico for their destination weddings. The best part is you can enjoy impressive natural beauty at a meager price. 

2. Montana ($15,000)

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Montana is a superb choice if your dream destination wedding calls for mountains and lakes. This top-notch state has everything you need for a beautiful wedding background.

3. Idaho ($15,000)

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Lakes, mountains, waterfalls — if you want it, there’s a good chance Idaho has it. Considering how breathtaking Idaho is, it’s surprising that most weddings cost less than $20,000.

4. South Dakota ($15,000)

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South Dakota has long been known as an “outdoor lover’s paradise.” There’s beauty in every direction, and depending on the season, you can have a lovely sunny wedding or one blanketed in snow.

5. Kansas ($16,000)

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Dreaming of a Midwest wedding? Kansas should be at the top of your list! Smack-dab in the middle of the United States, Kansas offers a unique wedding spot. You’ll enjoy rolling hills, an abundance of trees, and, if you’re lucky, sunflower fields for your wedding backdrop.

6. Oklahoma ($16,000)

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If you’re looking for a lovely spot to host a country-themed wedding, look no further than Oklahoma. With its “cowboy culture,” gorgeous scenery, and cheap weddings, it’s a top pick for destination weddings.

7. Iowa ($17,000)

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Iowa is just about as all-American as you can get. So, if you’re looking to embrace the beauty of the Midwest at a low price, Iowa is a great option.

8. Wyoming ($19,000)

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If you want to spend a little more, consider Wyoming. Wyoming has plenty of affordable wedding venues, each boasting its own unique background. After all, Wyoming is home to plains, mountains, forests, and many other attractive landscapes.

9. Oregon ($20,000)

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You might think beach weddings are out of your budget, but think again. Oregon weddings tend to be on the cheap side, yet you can still get your picturesque wedding by the ocean. You will also enjoy a plethora of skyscraper-green trees to enhance the view.

10. Utah ($20,000)

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From red rocks to Aspen forests, Utah has lots of stunning scenery that anyone will enjoy at their wedding. And with an average price of $16,000, it’s a budget-friendly option on your destination wedding list.

Low-Cost Yet Stunning Weddings

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Anyone looking for a budget-friendly destination wedding will appreciate that all these options come in at $20,000 or less. Remember that every person’s price tag will differ depending on the number of guests, food options, etc.


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