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About - Financially Well Off


Chris Alarcon

Thanks for stopping by at this small corner on the internet.

Like you I’m hungry for more in life. I’m a Latino born and raised by a single Hispanic mother. Growing up I’d watch her work long hours and despite her odds, she managed to support my sister and me.

This inspired me to chase big goals and to give back to my family. But, it also inspired me to give back to the Latino community.

Growing up I didn’t have any role models for achieving financial success. But, after having the opportunity to shadow Latino executives from different industries I realized the power of having role models. Giving back lets other Latinos know that achieving financial success is possible and Is what I hope to do here.

Today, I work at a large bank earning past the average income but I know this isn’t my end goal. Although I haven’t reached the financial success I desire, I’ve had some wins along the way.

Here are some highlights:


Saved 10K in 1 year

Like most I believed that having budget wast restrictive. But, eventually after discovering great finance tools that helped me keep track of my finances I became hooked. Today, I still go over my budget from time to time, but I have systems in place that always save a good portion of my money.


Went from -5K in net worth to 32K

Straight out of college I found myself living paycheck to paycheck. Once I'd admitted this to myself I started tracking my finances to the last dollar. This discipline took a lot of sacrifice but eventually I became credit card debt free. 



Increased My Income

It wasn't easy but despite having a full-time job I'd devoured dozens of books and courses. I've become obsessed with my self-development and eventually it paid off when I transitioned careers. 

I know the struggle of trying to be successful when all odds stacked against you. Being a first-generation Latino made it challenging for me to graduate college. And, with no family role models, it was challenging for me to believe running a business as possible.

But, if others have been to achieve financial success, so can we.

A Brief History of Financially Well Off

Financially Well Off is the journey of reaching financial success, alongside me.

Although I share my journey in achieving financial success, this blog isn’t about me.

It’s for the dreamers who won’t settle for an average life. It’s for those who’ve had the courage to dream big despite their odds. It’s for those who’ve mentally burned all bridges in settling for less than the best.

I hope you join me in reaching this crazy goal most are unwilling to chase.


Chris writes personal finance and productivity articles for software companies. He gets fresh ideas through continuously investing in himself and interviewing successful entrepreneurs.